Cheaper than agencies, better than freelancers & faster than hiring yourself

We supply eCom brands, agencies & SaaS businesses with verified & experienced direct-response freelance talent
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Google - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesFacebook - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesYouTube - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesPinterest - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesTwitch - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesWebflow - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Google - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesFacebook - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesYouTube - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesPinterest - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesTwitch - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesWebflow - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
We are the secret talent-source behind the leading companies of your industry
Finally achieve the goals you have been promised time and time again, because we build your team with vetted A-Players
Hire your top-tier talent in an average of just 4 days and save yourself a ton of time, money & energy
100% risk free - only pay when you actually onboard your new hire


No more wasting time on questionable rookies, who lie about their resume, because we provide you with verifiedtop-talents in your niche

Zero Risk

You only pay once we have matched you with a talent, that exceeds all your expectations


Hire your top-tier talent in as fast as 24 hours, without enduring endless job interviews


Finally achieve the results you've been promised time and time again, without an expensive agency draining your bank account every month

So how does it work?


Place order

Tell us your exact needs, like niche, expertise and preferred country and we’ll get to work right away


Interview talent

Within 1-2 days you’ll start receiving pre-selected candidates that will reduce the number of interviews drastically



It's time to pick the best fit and onboard them (with our help of course)



Get scaling with your new hire

Do you still make them?

After placing hundreds of talents,
here are 3 hiring mistakes that you're definetely making:

Expensive agencies

You feel like you’re busting your ass 24/7, only to end up paying your overpriced agency at the end of the month, without seeing the results that were promised.

Unreliable freelancers

You’re burning your hard-earned money on random freelancer platforms and waste your time and energy with clueless amateurs, who don’t understand your business anyway.

Hiring yourself

You try to play recruiter yourself, slogging through countless job interviews with questionable candidates, only to end up with a rookie who will torch your whole budget.

So why choose us?

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Features included :
Pay a fraction of recruiters
Hire in as fast as 24 hours
Interview top-tier talent
Only talk to verified applicants
Lifetime replacement guarantee
Use Plug&Play HR templates to manage and keep your team happy
Features not included :
Overpay for recruiters
Wait ages to find a decent fit
Get on countless interviews
Waste hours on interviews
Hire for the same role again and again
Struggle with managing due to uncommitted freelancers

About our talent


Years experience

Since we're only working with proven experts, we require 4 years experience minimum


Monthly adspend

On average, our media buyers spend about $20M on ads monthly.


Increase in growth

On average, companies experience 240% increase in overall ad performance after hiring through us.

Our talent vs freelance websites

Committed to you

Our talent makes a commitment to your business's growth. Committed to exceeding expectations, your goals become theirs, and they work day and night to ensure that their efforts are nothing short of remarkable.
When you choose our talent, you're choosing someone committed to your success, not someone looking to make a quick buck.
Doesn't see your business as just a number
Has a team-oriented mindset
Is with you for the long term

Communication is the foundation of a successful partnership.

Our talent will always have a proactive approach that ensures seamless interaction with clients and effective leadership within the team. Communication is not just a skill for them; it's a commitment to keeping you in the loop and ensuring your vision is realised.
Won't ruin your reputation when they communicate with clients
Professional language
Doesn't make you wait for a reply all day - if not longer

Reporting without question marks.

This ties into communication. The talent you hire through us will always deliver case-study like reporting so you know exactly what is going on. From analytics to insights, offering transparent, detailed reports that showcase the tangible impact their efforts are making on your brand's success.
Not a 'one-sentence-and-done' type reporting
Transparency of the exact work that has been completed
Accurate numbers and promises

Thinking about your campaigns in the shower.

When it comes to results, our talent stands in a league of their own. Committed to delivering outcomes that go beyond expectations, they embody a results-driven mindset. Your success is their success, and they stop at nothing to achieve extraordinary results that elevate your brand above the rest.
Doesn't JUST do what they're asked
Overdeliver, always
Lightning fast

Only the top 1% and above.

With Digitsonly, you will never have to worry about underperforming talent ever again, as we only accept with the best of the best; people with proven, in-field results.
Proven expertise
6 figure+ monthly adspend experience (or 4+ years if creative)
Leader capabilities

Meet some of our talent

Fractional CMO

Worked with


Worked with


Worked with


Worked with


Worked with

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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
CEO of
Carl Weische

Yannik Carrouee
Head of Media Buying at Iron Media

Elly Ghano
CEO of

Andreas Fillipov
CEO of ROAS Eagles

Gabi Onutu
CEO of Zeti Media

Christin Todorov
Fullstack Media Buyer

Trayan Hristov
Head of Media Buying at Iron Media

Pierre Grodecki
Senior Paid Social Media Buyer

Chris Hernandez
CEO of

Yannik Carrouee
Head of Media Buying at Iron Media

Lorenzo Pratav
Head of Media Buying at Iron Media

Moritz Frankl
CEO of MFC Copy

I absolutely love working with Digitsonly! The team of recruiters here are amazing - they're professional, dedicated, and always go above and beyond to find the best candidates for our clients. They take the time to really understand our hiring needs and have a knack for providing us with top-quality talent that's the perfect fit. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for reliable and efficient recruitment services. Five stars all the way!
Kristóf Kerekes
Working with Digitsonly has been one of the best experiences so far.Their team was very informative and exceeded our expectations.Highly Recommend.
Chis Hernandez -
Rating on Trustpilot
Happy clients
6 days
Average connection time
For Hiring Companies

Frequently asked questions

For Businesses
How does Digitsonly work?
Digitsonly is a private hiring network, which means unlike public job portals or marketplaces, we only take a verified selection of high level brands and help them by building their talent acquisition infrastructure. The entire process from the applicant generation, to the interviews, test tasks & background checking is taken care of for you - making it a 100% Done-For-You solution.

Our focus on performance, creative & operational talent makes it a perfect solution primarily for established eCom brands, SaaS & agencies. Additionally, you can recruit anonymously for your company on request, and applicants will get to know your brand on the interview.
How do I know if I'm qualified?
We primarily work with eCom brands, SaaS companies & agencies. Therefore the talent we recruit heavily relies on positions like marketing, creative, operational, etc. Please keep in mind that we only take on companies that make a minimum of 6 figures in revenue every month.
What positions can I hire?
We recruit the following positions on a daily basis: Media Buyers, Creative Strategists, CMOs, Copywriters, Video Editors, Graphic Designers, E-Mail Marketers. Special positions on request.
How is Digitsonly different from recruiters & platforms?
Most recruitment agencies, you have to pay a huge upfront payment, while not having any guarantees that you’re actually going to find a talent. Additionally the process is quite slow and takes way longer than expected, while the communication & workflow is slow.With Digitsonly, we created a unique system that does “performance based recruitment”.

This means that we find the talent for you, while providing you with a dedicated customer success manager, which handles everything from calls, sending CVS, qualifying & disqualifying applicants.

Only once we provided you with a high quality selection and you onboard your talent officially, we charge you. Additionally we offer various guarantees, such as replacement guarantees, coaching guarantees & “perfect fit” guarantees for applicants.

This makes us one of the fastest, most effective & cost-efficient systems of the whole recruitment market.
What do people usually ask for in a media buyer?

We get countless questions about niches and expertise, so here are a few!

programmatic media buying
data-driven media buying
artificial intelligence in mediabuying
automated media buying
targeted media buying
real-time bidding
contextual advertising
native advertising
influencer marketing
personalized advertising
omnichannel media buying
advanced targeting strategies
dynamic creative optimization
cross-device targeting
video advertising trends
mobile advertising innovations
voice search advertising
data analytics in mediabuying
blockchain in advertising
Incredible Professionalism
I have nothing but good words for the Digitsonly team. We've started working together about 60 days ago and so far I've seen nothing but incredible professionalism, efficiency and growth. They made recruitment for my team seamless and provide nothing less than highly talented rockstars.
Niels Blonk
World-class talent needed?
We've been using Digitsonly for a while now to hire A-Players for our portfolio brands. We're highly impressed when it comes down to their network of Media Buyers and Creative Strategists. The entire process is streamlined very professionally. A+
Super fast in responding
Super fast in responding. Professional. Amazing connecting the talents to the right Client fit. Great overall experience, would recommend it to anyone. Live & vibrant community of talents.
Neza Bricelj
Best recruitment experience ever!
by far the best experience i have had with a recruiting firm. Friendly, constant communication and straightforward processes! I recommend it to everyone who is looking for interesting jobs in the e-commerce sector!
Alexander Kaufmann
(...) very important role in scaling my agency
Digitsonly has played a very important role in the scaling phase of our agency. by pre-qualifying applicants, we have been able to hire top a-players and triple the number of our clients in a very short time, while increasing the quality of our fulfillment.thank you guys so much!
Simon Szalinski
The experience was just great
The experience was just great ! The ways of communication are very uncomplicated and the media buyers are the perfect fit for someone’s individual needs. In todays day and age a service which is very essential for the growth of a company
Moaad Bela

Stop settling.
Go for the best of the best

Scale without looking back